Barndt Funeral Home was originated in 1961 when Charles H. & Barbara L. Barndt moved to Wayne, Ohio from Cleveland and bought the formerly known Baublitz Funeral Home.

Our Beginnings

They kept the former name and called the funeral home Baublitz-Barndt Funeral Home for about 7 years, and then in 1968 they changed the name making it officially Barndt Funeral Home. Also, in 1968 Charlie & Barb bought Sage Funeral Home in Bradner, Ohio, making the new name Sage-Barndt Funeral Home. After running Sage-Barndt Funeral Home for 11 years, they decided to merge the two funeral homes in 1979, consolidating all of the funeral operations in the Wayne funeral home. To keep up with the growing business Charlie & Barb did many additions and renovations, improving the look of the funeral home to match the quality of services they provided. After serving hundreds of families in the community with the utmost respect, compassion, understanding, and sympathy for 33 years, Charlie & Barb retired, leaving funeral operations in the hands of their eldest son, Douglas Barndt.

Second Generation

In September 1994 funeral home operations were taken over by the second generation of Barndt Funeral Home, Douglas Barndt. September 2017 marks the 23rd year that Doug has been the owner and operator of the funeral home, and in those 20 years many renovations and drastic changes have been made to keep up with the changing times. The look of Barndt Funeral Home has been enhanced with a new exterior design, a new entrance room with a brick wall and beautiful chandelier, cathedral ceilings in the main layout room, large parking lot to the South of the building, along with several additions over the years making the funeral home larger and more accommodating. Doug has continued with the same legacy his parents started with serving the community with respect, compassion, understanding, and sympathy for the last 23 years. He will continue with this legacy for many years to come until he is ready to retire, and leave funeral home operations in the hands of his daughter, Dannielle Barndt.

The Future Generation

Dannielle Sidle, the daughter of Doug and Lisa Barndt, and the granddaughter of Charlie and Barb Barndt, will be the future third generation of Barndt Funeral Home, when Doug retires in the years to come. Dannielle has been licensed since early 2013, and working at Barndt Funeral Home since 2011. Since Dannielle’s arrival at the funeral home there have been some new ideas introduced: We now have an annual Holiday Remembrance Program for all of our families, we started a pre-arranging seminar to educate the community on the importance of pre-arranging funerals, and we now have more personalization options for our families. Since 1961 we have been there for the community with warm hearts and friendly faces to help those in need, and to make the community a better place, and we will always continue to strive to accomplish this in the next generations to come.